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Parkeray Lite is dedicated to advancing environmentally friendly practices and materials, paving the way for long-term sustainability. We assist clients in reducing their carbon footprint by offering expert guidance on creating sustainable educational spaces, which minimise their environmental impact.

Here are some quick tips for achieving sustainable refurbishments:

Switch to LED lighting
Retrofit existing fluorescent lighting with LED to increase energy efficiency.

Embrace recycled materials:
Opt for recycled materials or those with a high recycled content to reduce the demand for new resources.

Opt for electrified heating:
Electrify space and water heating to move towards cleaner energy alternatives.

Explore ventilation strategies:
Investigate natural ventilation or mixed-mode ventilation and cooling strategies to minimise reliance on energy-intensive systems.

Environmentally friendly refrigerants:
Assess the feasibility of using lower GWP (global warming potential) or recycled refrigerants for cooling systems.

Implement energy controls:
Install lighting and temperature controls to ensure energy is only used when necessary, reducing waste.

Promote material reuse:
Reuse materials from elsewhere in the estate to extend their lifecycle and reduce waste.

Consider modular designs:
Explore the use of modular or standardised designs to streamline construction processes and minimise material use.

Design for disassembly:
Create designs that enable easy disassembly, repair, and reuse, promoting a circular economy approach.

By implementing these ‘Lite’ refurbishment strategies, we can collectively contribute to a more sustainable future while creating vibrant and environmentally responsible educational spaces.

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